Sales Terms

1. Scope of Application

These General Purchasing Terms shall be valid for all business relations with our suppliers arising in the course of placing orders now or in the future. In addition, all relevant legal provisions shall apply.

2. Ordering

Only orders written on our order sheets and correctly undersigned by two signatures shall be valid. This also applies to supplements and amendments to orders. Verbal, telephone or telegraphic orders shall only be valid and enforceable if confirmed by an official written confirmation in all cases.

3. Order Acceptance

Orders must be confirmed using our printed form and returned within two working days of the date of order.

4. Delivery Schedule

What delivery time is fixed will be implemented. Normally Qarina Skill Industries Delivery Time is 3 to 4 weeks rather it depends on the size of the orders then time can be reduced or increased with negotiating terms prior to the order confirmation.

5.Sales Terms

For new customers is normally ‘Advance’ or ‘L/C Irrevocable at sight. ‘However, after our worthy clients have done successful business with us for at least one year, we change the payment term from Advance to CAD. The Payment will be made in US Dollars, Euro and Sterling pound.

6. Transfer

Payment will be made solely and exclusively to the contractual partner. Payment transfers to third parties and pledges are not acceptable. Payment will be sent only in Qarina Skill Industries Bank Account, Paypal & Western Union.

7. Cancellation of Contract

Where force majeure results in reduced ordering requirements, we reserve the right to cancel an order completely or in part without being subject to damage claims. Return shipments of rejected goods to the Supplier will be made at the Supplier’s expense.

8. Liability

The Supplier shall bear the liability for the quality and scope of performance of the delivered goods as described in the product description, drawings, the quality specification & moreover, the generally accepted quality standards.

9. Confidentiality

The Supplier herewith undertakes to treat the order and all the procedures involved herein, including all respective documentation, equipment, working stock, etc., in strict confidence. In the event of non-compliance herewith, the Supplier shall be liable for all damages arising from such breach of confidence.